Blog: Shipping from China to US 2020 Update

Shipping from China to US Review 2020

In this topic, we will talk about the shipping experience for one of our customers in USA east coast. First, the customers will gather all their shopping items (from Taobao or Alibaba) and send it to our YiWu warehouse in China. As the customer would like to go for Sea Shipment with lower shipping rate, he would need to order  100kg of products. After 10 days, he spent about $600 worth of products with a total of 170kg (Dimension Weight). 

When everything is ready for shipment, we do the packing and inspection of the products. Once the products are properly packaged, then we load into our trailer to the seaport. We separate the products into 7 boxes for easier shipment and handling. On 19-July 2020, the package is ready at the seaport and the ship will depart on 22-July 2020.

Sea Shipment from China to US 2020 

As shown above, the ship reached US West Coast within 14 days and it took about 3-4 days for the packages to reach the US East Coast. 

UPS Shipping from China to US 2020

There are total of 7 packages ship by UPS and 6 of the packages arrived earlier than expected. As a conclusion, the customer shipped their products on 19July 2020 and he received the product on 7-Aug 2020, which is 19 days later and it's about 5 days earlier than expected.

Below are some details & pictures provided by the customers:-

 Shipping Package from China to US 2020